A holiday by any other name…

Seasonal tides finds me once again in a bittersweet frame of mind. I have not written a blog for some time now, as this time of year often seems to be quite busy and taxing both mentally and physically. The changes in seasons effect everyone’s frame of mind to some extent, but it seems to have a stronger influence in the moods of certain people. This is especially challenging within our household and I hope writing will bring a bit of catharsis.

As I said, I’ve been quite busy as of late. We’ve filled quite a large number of custom jewelry orders in a short time frame. It seems to come in bursts, though I would never complain about the ability to vend my art. My husband also found it therapeutic, to improve his moods, to enter a wire wrapping contest: creating a pumpkin made solely from wire. No beads were allowed. He chose to make a 5 inch high, 5 inch wide jack-o-lantern style table decoration. In honor of the time of year, he also chose to use nothing but recycled electrical wire. With entry time to spare, a giant icky spider was added to sit along side it. Inspired by a simple jewelry order, a pair of pumpkin earrings were added as well.

(Due to the fact that it is a contest, the pumpkin picture as described above will not be posted here until Tuesday night after midnight as this is the deadline for submissions. By all means check back if you would like to see it.)

Our jewelry orders came in person, rather than over the www, but this is okay too. The trouble is that they came and went so fast I had no time for pictures. I only hope I can reproduce similar pieces. The earrings in the above picture are but one of the orders that were made in 925 sterling silver. I also made a bat pendant, and a skeleton pendant. My husband created a wire wrap skull ring as well.

This catches my writing up on all the jewelry created lately and I feel the drive to address the season. Its origins of celebration and the basis behind some of the symbolism are for nothing more than the sake of education and trivia. This may offend some of the more closed minded, but I will not apologize for offering well researched history. “All Hallows’ Day” left too many holes that lacked explanation for my mind long ago. The following is not some sort of effort to “convert” anyone to Paganism, nor is it meant to promote any one religion over another. It is simply a chronological account. Quite honestly, I don’t care if you choose to believe in nothing, God, Buddha, whomever, or whatever. I don’t even care if you paint yourself purple and run around in nothing but a grass hula skirt waiting for some alien mothership to take you home. I believe one must follow what is in one’s own heart.

Halloween is the name most may know, though this name has had many evolutions. It did not exist as such before circa 1745 and was derived from Hallowe’en before it was westernized. The Scottish were the first to actually give birth, so to speak, to this Christian holiday as western society knows it today. This came about by celebrating All Hallows’ Eve. In Scot “Eve” is even and contracted to e’en and later simply to een. The celebration did not come about until circa 1556 to commemorate the eve before All Hallows’ Day or All Saints Day. All Saints Day was officially established by the Byzantine Emperor, Leo VI “the Wise”. His wife, Empress Theophano, had led a devout life and after her death in 893, the Emperor had a church built in her honor. He wished to dedicate it to her, but the Catholic hierarchy forbade it, so he simply dedicated it to All Saints. Though there are whispers of All Saints Day’s existence as early as the year 609, this is a point of contention among theologists, as written entries by Pope Boniface IV appear to be entered after the fact, when he consecrated the Pantheon at Rome. This was on May 13, but later in a November synod in 731, Pope Gregory III arbitrarily changed the date of the feast to November 1 to coincide with the Pagan holiday feast of Samhain (pronounced Sow’ – wen).

Now, to travel further back in time answers many more questions than the Christians bastardization of yet another holiday that has been celebrated for thousands of years before. Since it’s manufacture, Christianity’s main objective was always to take over ALL of the Pagan’s seasonal celebrations in an effort to convert them. While the Pagans did, and still do, merely celebrate the changing of the seasons, the earth’s normal and natural cycle of life and death, the Christians have long since perverted these ideals and coerced its followers to believe it was some sort of devil worship. Nothing could be further from true, as the persona of a “devil” does not even exist for Pagans. There is only right and wrong!

The Pagan celebration of Samhain existed long before the written word, so even a vague idea of its beginnings are impossible. It also did not have a specific date on the calendar, it simply occurred at the time of the full moon nearest the end of what we now know as October. Not only is this time to celebrate the end of the harvest season, but is believed to have much stronger energies that link and break down the barriers between the world of the living and the spirit world. Hence, the perfect time of year to honor and commune with loved ones that have passed. Symbolism that remains to this day, that Christianity simply comes nowhere close to explaining, is easily answered by the Pagan celebration.

Spiders and their Webs: Symbolizes nothing more than the weaving of life and the cyclical ways of nature.

“Witches”, Cauldrons and Brooms:
These upstanding women of their communities were not always known as “witches” until Christianity came along. They believe(d) in the majical energies of the earth and the life that sprang forth from it, the cosmos, and within oneself. They are/were holistic healers with their many potions, poultices, tinctures, and distilled essences from all variety of herbs and plants. These concoctions most often stink, and are more often cooked outside in giant metal pots we now call cauldrons. In a frugal use of implements, the cauldrons were also often stirred by the handles of brooms. Since this was a “cooking” of sorts, and back then it was believed to be a woman’s jobs to cook and clean, the broom became synonymous. It was also believed that bad spirits could be whisked from the home with one’s trusty broom. This also served to introduce an everyday piece to every house…the threshold –  to thresh is to remove the seeds from harvested crops. Once swept from the house, the threshold was meant to keep the mess from returning indoors. This was believed to keep bad spirits from re-entering the home as well. This also promoted the idea of storing the broom above the entry door to the house for the same reason.

The Feast, Pointy Hats, Fire and Bats:
The pointy hats were not hats at all, but were simply the points on the hoods to the womens’ cold weather cloaks or robes. The season was turning cooler, after all. Samhain was an all day event for all in the community. The end of the harvest was signified by the men of the community burning the stalks that were left in the fields, while the women cooked for the evening’s celebratory feast. The fires helped to promote fertile ground for the next growing season. It was also believed to ward off bad spirits that could negatively influence the next year’s crops. When the cooking had been completed, the women would don their cloaks or robes to guard against the evening chill and join the men in the fields and joyously dance around the dwindling fires. They took their brooms with them in the belief it could help further ward off bad spirits from the impending growing season next spring. The fire’s light in the evening hours would draw insects, and bats would swoop to feed on the insects. Foods, joyous family time, and entertainment are believed to be not only for the living this night, but for loved ones who have passed as well.

Death, Dying, and the “Undead”:
The end of life’s cycle. The end of the growing season meant the earth was simply going to sleep, to awaken again in the spring to show new life. The idea of “undead” is that the earth does not truly die for the winter, but merely sleeps to arise anew in the spring. As the idea evolved through time, it was personified in the form of mummies by the Egyptians, who believed that one could be preserved and rise again spiritually to walk in the afterlife and take one’s possessions with them.

The Cats:
Throughout history, cats have been perceived as having some mystical connection. So-called “witches,” with their close connections to and love for nature, fed stray cats, which stayed around those particular homes for obvious reasons (nothing real mystical about a free meal to a cat). They also served a vital function to farming communities by keeping vermin population controlled. Here too, the Egyptians had a hand in the evolution of this ideal of mysticism. Cats, real (live and mummified) and in statue form, were placed in tombs, as it was believed that cats were the guardians to the underworld. The belief was that they kept the dead on their path and barred their return to the world of the living.

Last but certainly not least is the Jack-O-Lantern:
This is not as ancient as the rest of the symbolism connected with the holiday. It originates as an old Irish myth with links to the Christian belief system. The name is derived from the character in the myth, nicknamed “Stingy Jack”. It seems Jack invited the Devil to have a drink with him. Not wanting to pay, Jack convinced the Devil to change himself into a coin, with which he would use to pay for their drinks. When the Devil obliged, Jack pocketed the coin instead and kept it next to a silver cross to prevent the Devil from changing back. Eventually, Jack set the Devil free under the conditions that he would not bother Jack for one year and that if he were to die, the Devil would not claim his soul. The next year, Jack again tricked the Devil. This time, he convinced the Devil to climb a tree to retrieve a piece of fruit. While the Devil was up in the tree Jack carved a cross into the bark, preventing the Devil from descending the tree. The part about how the Devil is supposedly released from this predicament is not covered in the myth. It’s merely stated that Jack only agrees to release the Devil under the agreement that the Devil will not bother him for ten years this time. Shortly after, Jack dies and God denies such an unsavory character into heaven. In keeping with his promise not to claim his soul, and upset at Jack’s trickery, the Devil denies his entry into hell. The Devil simply sends Jack on his way with nothing more than a lump of burning coal to light his way. Jack placed the burning coal into a carved out turnip and has roamed the earth ever since. The Irish began to refer to this shadowy ghostly figure as Jack of the Lantern, and the term was shortened to Jack-O-Lantern. Eventually, this evolved into the Irish and Scots carving scary faces into their own Jack’s Lanterns from turnips and potatoes and placed them in windows or near doors to ward off Jack and any other wandering spirits. In England, large beets are used. It wasn’t until these people immigrated to America, brought their tradition, and discovered that the native gourd (the pumpkin) was better suited for this purpose, and provided ample room for a lit candle to be placed within.

So in the end, I hope that some might see that this upcoming holiday did not originate as some macabre or morbid festival. I urge all of you to celebrate and enjoy this time of year in it’s original spirit of fellowship of the holiday with living friends and family, as well as taking some time to remember those loved ones who have passed.


Jewelry & the Devil

Oh how I love to keep abreast of current events and grump about politicians. I really don’t have a particular party to side with, personally I think they are all patsies for the corporation and big money. Despite their beautiful and eloquent orations, they could really care less about you and I as a public as long as money keeps pouring into their coffers.

This is my downfall, my Achilles heel if you will. I keep allowing this devil of the political to distract me from my artistry. By the time I hear that exquisite siren song beckoning my return to my workbench, I feel so overwhelmed with ire and spite, I find myself in an almost hypnotic trance as I stare at the gemstones and wire. Even now, as I write about this mental block in hopes of jumpstarting my creative muse, I can hear the parasitical news in the background from the other room.

Some suggest music, but this turns out detrimental to some extent in the end as well. Having the music rather than the constant banter of reporters in my head helps in the design phase, although my style of music is not very conducive to the production phase.

Music blasting and designs in my head with the wire in my hands, I watch seemingly helpless from the outside, as my wire graveyard grows larger at each attempt. I find myself uttering the ridiculous phrase…“Oh, I wish I could … like ‘that person’.” I know this is not the truth though. If I could draw, paint, write, or create my jewelry like some other person, it would not be my own nor would I be happy with it in the end.

During a break, out of frustration I shut off the TV in the other room and return to my workbench. As I sit quietly to relax, I can hear a slight rain begin against the fire place chimney. Leave it to nature, it almost never fails. The rain becomes heavier and the room grows dimmer. Opening the blinds to watch the light storm, the winds begin to grow a bit more violent. Strangely enough, the stronger this late summer storm becomes, the more relaxed I find myself. I continue to observe as the young trees bend deeply in the strong winds and eureka!

Instead of fighting with my wire to form to my will, I decided to freeform it much like the young branches in the wind. I wrapped my wires in a flat form and laid it flowingly around the stone in an asymmetrical design without a plan. This is when the irony stacks upon itself…The name of the stone I chose from the beginning was a large piece of Snow Quartz, and I no more than finished wrapping the stone and the storm subsided to reveal a beautiful sunset this evening.

What a nice way to end the day. The parched earth received some much needed rain, I received some much needed calm and inspiration, and another beautiful piece of jewelry was completed. I’ll post the pic here and sell it to anyone that responds here in my blog contact page, or through my direct email within 48 hours for $20.00 USD. After which it will go up in the store for $30.00 USD.

Too many irons in the fire. Sale extended through til the end of this weekend.

Now for the technical aspects of this Pendant:
The Gemstone is Snow Quartz 18mm W x 25mm H x 8mm thick
The 1/4 troy oz. of Silver content is divided evenly
There is 1/8 troy oz. of Sterling Silver & 1/8 troy oz. .999 (fine) Silver


Pendant Chain sold separately

Remembering/Shedding tears/Offering prayers

Please take time to offer prayers for the fallen and the families who lost loved ones this day.

I like this image better than bings homepage

Empty Sky Memorial, Liberty State Park

This strikes on personal levels within the family. I remember this day as if it were now and tears still come to my eyes and my heart becomes heavy. My daughter was born this day in 1993 and while she was on her way to school in 2001, the first broadcasts hit the news.

I had just got my first cup of coffee and was on my way upstairs when I heard the news alert. Stunned, I paused to watch and listen. Details were sketchy at first, they were debating whether it was an accident and what kind of plane it was and so-forth. I continued to watch in horror as the second plane crashed into the WTC on live TV. The coffee cup slipped from my hand, crashed to the floor and my knees buckled. I remained knelt amidst broken glass and spilt coffee and wept while I prayed.

Some of the personal levels that are beyond immediate family I won’t go into here, I simply ask for prayers for the fallen and the families who lost loved ones. As far as immediate family it even impacted us as well…Not only does this happen to be our address, but throughout the rest of my daughters school days this plagued her since this happens to be her birthday. The other kids would razz her about being a bad omen and this caused issues within our house as well.

Be kind to one another & Have a Blessed Day…

Inspiration fulfilled sonner than expected

Well I did it…I went ahead and worked on a piece of Hat Jewelry yesterday anyway. I had intended to put this on a back burner for a while, but as it turns out I was invited to a charity event that I’m seriously considering attending. If it works out that I can attend, I don’t intend on being a vendor, but I will be donating my first piece of Hat Jewelry whether it be for auction or prize will be left for others to decide.

The Jewelry:


The Event:




Kicaster Country Store, the Southern Strangers, and White Lightning Liquor Store are thrilled to announce and host the 2ND annual StrangerFest, the area’s largest music festival. On Saturday, September 14th, the Strangers and a bunch of their friends will invade Kicaster for a full evening of great live music, great food, tournaments, dancing, and ice-cold beverages. This huge event will be a major fundraiser for the Greater Wilson County Youth Foundation.

The Greater Wilson County Youth Foundation is a joint effort between Kicaster Country Store and White Lightning Liquor, and is an organization dedicated to supporting area youth at surrounding livestock shows and auctions.

While not completely final, StrangerFest 2013 entertainment line-up and other details are…

Patio Stage (All acoustic):
3:00 to 4:00 – Will Owen Gage and Kyle Reed
4:15 to 5:15 – Mario Perez and Jorge Gallegos
5:30 to 6:30 – Rex Griffeth

Main Stage (All full-bands):
7:00 to 8:15 – Will Arrington Band
8:30 to 9:45 – Charlie Hager and the Captain Legendary Band
10:00 to 11:15 – James Pardo and the Underestimated
11:30 to 1:00am – The Southern Strangers

We also have some great activities planned…

BBQ – We’ll be selling BBQ plates with all the trimmings at the event with proceeds benefitting the foundation.

Brisket Cook-Off – There will be a cash entry fee with net proceeds donated to the foundation. Contact Roger Velez at  210-393-9463  for more information.

Washer Tournament – There will be a cash entry fee with net proceeds donated to the foundation.

Vendor Booths – Jewelry, jumping castles, stuff for kids, etc. All booth registration fees collected will be donated to the foundation.

Silent Auction – Another benefit for the foundation. Tons of great items to bid on…from food to fishing rods.

StrangerFest is open to the public and there will be no gate charge. Rather, to gain entry, we ask that patrons make a free will donation with all gate proceeds benefiting the foundation.

StrangerFest is made possible by the generosity of the bands above, our customers, supporters, sponsors, and volunteers. Thanks also to Tommy Baird and the Southern Strangers for allowing Kicaster to host the event. We do need sponsors!…Every contribution, no matter how large or small is greatly appreciated. We also need raffle and silent auction items. If you would like to donate something to the raffle or auction, please call Kevin Brown at  210-413-1185  or just drop the item off at Kicaster Country Store, 2239 FM 3432, Adkins, TX.

You can view a map here: http://goo.gl/maps/5LQ8j

Sounds like a lot of fun and it’s for a good cause – “Kids”. If you’re in the area you ought to check it out!

Inspiration from unexpected places

Well it didn’t take me long to blow the “daily” blog thing. While I knew it would happen, I just didn’t expect it quite so soon or to last two or three days. I hit a minor burn out phase with the whole online aspect of the business and really felt the need to get back to something pertaining to the jewelry itself. So I hit the “books”…Plus I got interrupted with a real life issue or two (It’s a “Mom” thing and my kiddos come first).

I poured through countless designs online and off. Nothing just seemed right. The more I looked for inspiration the less I found. The desire to create something new was creating a bigger block than I thought it would be. It was when I took a break from “the hunt” one evening that I got what I was looking for. I got a bite to eat and looking around I spied a cowboy hat when it hit me.

The movie Urban Cowboy came out in the late 70’s and cowboy hat decoration became a rage. Although most are no longer as flamboyant with all the brightly colored sprays of pheasant feathers these days, I still see decorated cowboy hats and a few do still sport these brightly colored feathers. So I thought “Hat jewelry”.

With my concept formed, I had to figure out a simple way of implementing it. What simpler way than to just use memory wire I thought. I laid out a pattern and strung it on the memory wire. I was quite pleased with my simple creation, and then TRUE inspiration came to me like a bolt of lightning through the brain.

The feathers idea simply didn’t stay as wildly popular as they once were because of a practicality issue. They get dusty and are extremely difficult to clean. If the cleaning process doesn’t mangle the feathers, normal wear and tear will. Many cowboy hat decorations quickly find their way to the trash and aren’t replaced. Why would you? It’s just a big waste of money. My concept will eliminate this problem by adding the element of durability.

Past the original “Hat Jewelry” piece, I’m sorry to get your hopes up to see a finished product at this point, but I haven’t got this one totally off the drawing board YET. Still, I plan to incorporate the idea of the “spray” with Sterling Silver wire wrap around large pendant stones and lots of curly-Q’s.

Here is our first of the new Hat Jewelry line of products.

Peace Dove w/ Autumn Jasper and Peridot

Customizable length Necklace – Bracelet Set
Component types:
Sterling Silver Peace Dove
Autumn Jasper
Sterling Silver beaded Rondelles
Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp(s)

The Bracelet is already complete at a standard 7-1/2″, but can always be modified if you need it sized differently (free of charge).

The Peridot in this necklace is a perfect example of how light plays off certain stones. These stones grab the eye and make people notice your jewelry which is why Jewelry is worn in the first place – so other people notice it!

*Please note that information below is gathered from outside sources and while we do trust our AGTA Certified outside sources Argentic Moon® is not responsible as to it’s validity or informational content.

Autumn Jasper

“Ah!” It’s not surprising that the word “autumn” begins with “ah!” Whether it’s your favorite season or not, autumn calls for relaxing and winding down. The mixture of warm brick reds and avocado greens in Autumn Jasper beads add that feeling to any necklace, bracelet, earrings, or really any piece of jewelry. “Ah!”-that’s what you’ll hear, too, when people stop you to admire your jewelry.

Metaphysical Properties

Jasper, like Agate, is a powerful healing stone. It helps us move beyond just surviving to making us glad to be alive. Imagine pumpkins, red maple leaves, a long leisurely walk through the country. Kick back. Relax. The heat of summer is over and the evenings are just cool enough to light a fire in the wood stove or fireplace. Life is good. Somehow you’d forgotten. That’s what Autumn Jasper reminds us of whenever we wear it.

Mineral Properties

Mineral Information Silicate, chalcedony, quartz group

Chemical Composition SiO2

Color Gold-browns, brick reds, avocado greens

Hardness 6 ½-7

Specific Gravity 2.58-2.91

Refractive Index About 1.54


Shimmering, pale green Peridot, often called the evening Emerald, is a gemstone commonly associated with spirituality and expression. The word “Peridot” is most commonly pronounced pear-ah-dough. While two pronunciations can be found in the dictionary, the actual word of origin for Peridot is from the French word peritôt, meaning unclear, because of the numerous inclusions and internal fractures often found within Peridot gemstones. Chrysolite, an older German word, was also used to describe it before the word Peridot was applied to all gem quality Peridot stones.

Sometimes referred to as Olivine, it is only found in one color–green. This uncommon green color is best known simply as Peridot green and it varies from olive to brownish green. This green was highly prized by ancient admirers because it was often thought to be Emerald, which is one of the greatest compliments Peridot could ever receive. It is the national gem of Egypt, and the ancient Egyptians knew it as the gem of the sun. In fact, jewelry historians are now convinced that some, if not all, of the Emeralds that Cleopatra was famous for wearing were not actually Emeralds but deep green Peridot stones from Egypt.

Peridot has been written about extensively throughout history. In ancient times, Peridot stones were used for talismans featuring carved donkeys for spiritual enhancement and carved vultures for controlling the four winds and evil spirits. Ancient Egyptian papyrus scrolls record the mining of Peridot as early as 1500 B.C. on Topazo Island, now called St. John’s Island, in the Egyptian Red Sea. The island’s exact whereabouts became a mystery for several centuries until being rediscovered in 1905 because navigators found it difficult to find it as it was often shrouded in an impenetrable thick fog.

Legend says that royal patrols that guarded the entire island were to execute trespassers while protecting the miners from thieves. The miners would work these mines for the Pharaoh’s burial treasury during all hours of the day and night. It was said that the Peridot crystals would radiate in the darkness of night by the light of the lamps they carried. The miners would mark the spot where they saw the glowing gems and then return to retrieve them the next morning.

In the Middle Ages, European emissaries brought back large quantities of Peridot stones from their travels to foreign lands and decorated their churches and robes with them. One of these large Peridot gems adorns the shrine of the Three Holy Kings in the cathedral at Cologne, and for centuries was believed to be an Emerald but has recently been identified as Peridot. Peridot, also known to ancient Hebrews, is listed in the Bible as one of the stones used in Aaron’s breastplate and as one of the layers in the foundation of the city of New Jerusalem.

Peridot is not only terrestrial, but it has also fallen to Earth from celestial bodies. Although many different gems can be found in meteorites that have fallen to earth, the galaxy-traveling Peridot is the only one that is found in sizes large enough to be made into jewelry. These gem-carrying meteorites are called Pallasites, and the Peridot found in them is given a special name too, Moldavite. One such Pallesite crash is believed to have occurred 14.8 million years ago and was not discovered until 1749 on a desolate hilltop in Siberia. This fallen meteorite contained many pieces of beautiful, heaven-sent Peridot crystals big enough to be used in jewelry, but the gemstone itself was not discovered as such and named until 1787 after the town Moldauthein in Bohemia where it was found by A. Dufrenoy.

In scientific communities, it is also believed that Peridot crystals played a large role in the creation of the moon, and that they now comprise a large portion of the moon’s mantle.

Metaphysical Properties

Peridot is the birthstone for the month of August and also given in celebration of the 16th year of marriage. Known as the stone of compassion, Peridot is believed to bring good health, restful sleep and peace to relationships by balancing emotions and mind. This stone is powerful in helping one to accept all that is happening in the course of life. It’s main influence is at the solar plexus and navel, where we “feel” our life. It has a lot of yellow within it and this helps cleanse our emotional states such as jealousy and anger. This friendly bright yellow/green stone also has the uncanny ability to inspire eloquence and creativity, as well as bring good cheer and delight. It attracts love and calms anger by giving renewal to all things.

The epic metaphysical powers that Peridot possesses have been written about much throughout the ages. Legend says that if the gem is set in gold, the stone will develop its full potential as a talisman and will have the power to eradicate terrors of the night such as fearsome visions and nightmares. However, according to the great Roman philosopher, Pliny the Elder, Peridot must be worn on the right arm to work its most potent dispelling. Peridot’s ability to glow under lamplight at night like a hot coal helps chase away foreboding night visions. Peridot has long been considered a powerful aid in repairing and maintaining friendship, and supposedly, it frees the mind of envious thoughts that can damage and strain relationships. It can also be used to protect you from the evil eye.

Geological Properties

Peridot occurs in silica-poor igneous rocks, such as basalts. Some Peridot is found in volcanic areas, while some are found embedded in meteorites. These stones are not usually of gem quality and are given the name Moldavite. Some of these have been faceted and mounted in jewelry settings.

As with many precious gems, Peridot occurs most commonly in pebble-sized specimens that have been weathered by tens of thousands of years of erosion in gemstone veins. New sources of Peridot include Arizona, Mexico, Oregon, Norway, Pakistan, Russia and Sri Lanka. The Canary Islands, China, Brazil, Norway, Hawaii, Australia, Brazil and South Africa provide the finest gem quality Peridot stones.

Mineral Properties

The shade and depth of green color present in Peridot is dependent on the proportion of iron present in the stone, and the deeper the green, the smaller the amount of iron that is present.

Mineral Information    Nesocilicate
Chemical Composition    (Mg, Fe)2SiO4
Color    Medium-pale lime green
Hardness    6-1/2 – 7
Specific Gravity    3.27-3.37
Refractive Index    1.654-1.690

Proper Care

Peridot should be spared from rugged wear. The best way to clean Peridot is with warm, soapy water. You should protect it from scratching and sharp blows that can fracture or shatter the stone. Also, avoid large temperature changes, ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaners that could damage the stone.

**Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions. Argentic Moon® does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.

A.D.D. and the internet

This may be humorous to most people, even my husband, but it also happens to be his reality.

Keeping everyday life, as well as the online jewelry business in some kind of reasonable assemblance of order is tough enough for him. I can’t even imagine it. He say’s it’s like watching 10 movies at the same time, while on an exercise bike trying to keep track of the calorie burn count, and then toss in a plate spinning act on a high wire. Just his explanation makes me dizzy.

Now pile the internet on top of that and it’s a wonder he hasn’t flipped his lid. I look at his computer screen and I’m confused! He flips from one window to another and keeps all these things going kind of simultaneously. He may have a forum board or 2 open in seperate windows, a youtube video in one window, a profile generation in one window, a chess game in one window, facebook in one window WITH a chat going on, this blog in one window, and 2 or 3 other pages he’s found interesting…that are blinking and flashing all kinds of ads that he’s apt to click on at one point or another. And still holds conversation with me.

We did a free “writing” experiment recently. I told him to lay on the bed with no lights and audio record while he verbalized every thought for a short while and it could be put to transcript later. Below is that 5 minute transcript.

Chickens from outer space
I want a cigarette
My tree is dying
Need a regular job, witch on a bicycle
Politicians piss me off, I hate goats milk
Blog, forgot the email
Wanna build barefoot sandals, Cindy’s slave bracelet, Constable badge
Work with Mike
Truck needs help
My head hurts
I still want that cigarette
I hear music, we should go play pool
Tootsie roll owl, wish I had some Oreos
Blue, Can I be done now
How many cows fit in a convertible depends on how the butcher cuts’em up
That was a cool picture I saw today, I see spots
Too quiet I can hear my ears ringing
I feel stupid doing this, I need something to do
Good times up I’m done