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Remembering/Shedding tears/Offering prayers

Please take time to offer prayers for the fallen and the families who lost loved ones this day.

I like this image better than bings homepage

Empty Sky Memorial, Liberty State Park

This strikes on personal levels within the family. I remember this day as if it were now and tears still come to my eyes and my heart becomes heavy. My daughter was born this day in 1993 and while she was on her way to school in 2001, the first broadcasts hit the news.

I had just got my first cup of coffee and was on my way upstairs when I heard the news alert. Stunned, I paused to watch and listen. Details were sketchy at first, they were debating whether it was an accident and what kind of plane it was and so-forth. I continued to watch in horror as the second plane crashed into the WTC on live TV. The coffee cup slipped from my hand, crashed to the floor and my knees buckled. I remained knelt amidst broken glass and spilt coffee and wept while I prayed.

Some of the personal levels that are beyond immediate family I won’t go into here, I simply ask for prayers for the fallen and the families who lost loved ones. As far as immediate family it even impacted us as well…Not only does this happen to be our address, but throughout the rest of my daughters school days this plagued her since this happens to be her birthday. The other kids would razz her about being a bad omen and this caused issues within our house as well.

Be kind to one another & Have a Blessed Day…


Inspiration fulfilled sonner than expected

Well I did it…I went ahead and worked on a piece of Hat Jewelry yesterday anyway. I had intended to put this on a back burner for a while, but as it turns out I was invited to a charity event that I’m seriously considering attending. If it works out that I can attend, I don’t intend on being a vendor, but I will be donating my first piece of Hat Jewelry whether it be for auction or prize will be left for others to decide.

The Jewelry:


The Event:




Kicaster Country Store, the Southern Strangers, and White Lightning Liquor Store are thrilled to announce and host the 2ND annual StrangerFest, the area’s largest music festival. On Saturday, September 14th, the Strangers and a bunch of their friends will invade Kicaster for a full evening of great live music, great food, tournaments, dancing, and ice-cold beverages. This huge event will be a major fundraiser for the Greater Wilson County Youth Foundation.

The Greater Wilson County Youth Foundation is a joint effort between Kicaster Country Store and White Lightning Liquor, and is an organization dedicated to supporting area youth at surrounding livestock shows and auctions.

While not completely final, StrangerFest 2013 entertainment line-up and other details are…

Patio Stage (All acoustic):
3:00 to 4:00 – Will Owen Gage and Kyle Reed
4:15 to 5:15 – Mario Perez and Jorge Gallegos
5:30 to 6:30 – Rex Griffeth

Main Stage (All full-bands):
7:00 to 8:15 – Will Arrington Band
8:30 to 9:45 – Charlie Hager and the Captain Legendary Band
10:00 to 11:15 – James Pardo and the Underestimated
11:30 to 1:00am – The Southern Strangers

We also have some great activities planned…

BBQ – We’ll be selling BBQ plates with all the trimmings at the event with proceeds benefitting the foundation.

Brisket Cook-Off – There will be a cash entry fee with net proceeds donated to the foundation. Contact Roger Velez at  210-393-9463  for more information.

Washer Tournament – There will be a cash entry fee with net proceeds donated to the foundation.

Vendor Booths – Jewelry, jumping castles, stuff for kids, etc. All booth registration fees collected will be donated to the foundation.

Silent Auction – Another benefit for the foundation. Tons of great items to bid on…from food to fishing rods.

StrangerFest is open to the public and there will be no gate charge. Rather, to gain entry, we ask that patrons make a free will donation with all gate proceeds benefiting the foundation.

StrangerFest is made possible by the generosity of the bands above, our customers, supporters, sponsors, and volunteers. Thanks also to Tommy Baird and the Southern Strangers for allowing Kicaster to host the event. We do need sponsors!…Every contribution, no matter how large or small is greatly appreciated. We also need raffle and silent auction items. If you would like to donate something to the raffle or auction, please call Kevin Brown at  210-413-1185  or just drop the item off at Kicaster Country Store, 2239 FM 3432, Adkins, TX.

You can view a map here:

Sounds like a lot of fun and it’s for a good cause – “Kids”. If you’re in the area you ought to check it out!

A.D.D. and the internet

This may be humorous to most people, even my husband, but it also happens to be his reality.

Keeping everyday life, as well as the online jewelry business in some kind of reasonable assemblance of order is tough enough for him. I can’t even imagine it. He say’s it’s like watching 10 movies at the same time, while on an exercise bike trying to keep track of the calorie burn count, and then toss in a plate spinning act on a high wire. Just his explanation makes me dizzy.

Now pile the internet on top of that and it’s a wonder he hasn’t flipped his lid. I look at his computer screen and I’m confused! He flips from one window to another and keeps all these things going kind of simultaneously. He may have a forum board or 2 open in seperate windows, a youtube video in one window, a profile generation in one window, a chess game in one window, facebook in one window WITH a chat going on, this blog in one window, and 2 or 3 other pages he’s found interesting…that are blinking and flashing all kinds of ads that he’s apt to click on at one point or another. And still holds conversation with me.

We did a free “writing” experiment recently. I told him to lay on the bed with no lights and audio record while he verbalized every thought for a short while and it could be put to transcript later. Below is that 5 minute transcript.

Chickens from outer space
I want a cigarette
My tree is dying
Need a regular job, witch on a bicycle
Politicians piss me off, I hate goats milk
Blog, forgot the email
Wanna build barefoot sandals, Cindy’s slave bracelet, Constable badge
Work with Mike
Truck needs help
My head hurts
I still want that cigarette
I hear music, we should go play pool
Tootsie roll owl, wish I had some Oreos
Blue, Can I be done now
How many cows fit in a convertible depends on how the butcher cuts’em up
That was a cool picture I saw today, I see spots
Too quiet I can hear my ears ringing
I feel stupid doing this, I need something to do
Good times up I’m done