We started this adventure in the spring of 2009 with a gift certificate to be used at one of our vendors we use to this very day. It seems like we used almost that entire first order for nothing but personal jewelry. As it turns out, this was not entirely a bad thing. Soon people were asking where we got our jewelry. When our response was that we had made it, they quickly asked if we could make something for them. This was our introduction into conducting consultations and figuring out just what that person wanted, what colors they liked or wanted in their jewelry, how they wanted it to look, what they could afford, etc… It was easy to figure out that this is what we wanted to do, custom jewelry. It makes people so much happier with their jewelry when they have a hand in its creation!

So it went on, creating new jewelry designs for friends, and friends of those friends, as well as family for gifts around Christmas time and Birthdays. Soon we found ourselves needing much more in resources and always being on the hunt for better deals and prices on material, our vendor list grew rapidly. We went from that one vendor to four, up to well over ten different vendors at present. It really doesn’t matter to us if we end up with fifty or more vendors. If we can find better prices and/or better quality to pass on to our customers then so be it!

We’ve really begun doing more and more business online with our vendors in the last year just for convenience sake. It became painfully obvious that we were so far behind the times and weren’t reaching as many customers as we could. Other people go shopping online for the very same reason…convenience! It was time we got our feet wet and tested the waters on the www, and so this website was launched in July of 2013.

This is what we are all about…

Every outfit deserves that special piece of jewelry to go with it. Whether it’s everyday attire, or you’re dressed to the nines, we can build to suit almost any budget. Our jewelry designs are also customized to suit your color needs. We especially cater to size specific pieces. Necklaces traditionally have standard sizes like 16″, 18″, 20″, etc… What is wrong with those in between sizes too? Our answer is nothing! Our idea of custom jewelry means just that…”custom” to fit you and suit your liking. Our necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc… come in many different semiprecious gemstones, and by incorporating Austrian Swarovski Crystal in our jewelry, it gives that eye popping sparkle we all look for.

We use Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel for the majority of our wire wrap/work, but we can delve into Gold if that is what you prefer. Partly due to its inexpensiveness, Copper is still another medium that we use quite extensively, as some people believe it to help with arthritis, bursitis, and the like. We can’t truly say we discount this theory as it seems to work for us as well and medical science cannot disprove the pain relief that is reported by so many either. Although a word of caution is called for here. Some people do have allergies to Copper. Be sure you are not one of them. And please, we do beg of you not to put it on your little ones unless you know for sure! Allergic reactions tend to manifest much more rapidly and violently in children’s little systems!

Just because most of our jewelry designs come from our imagination, does not mean we couldn’t create something you’ve imagined. We do appreciate the challenge of creation. You have a design in mind? Let’s discuss it!

View a local map here @ Google Maps


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