Jewelry & the Devil

Oh how I love to keep abreast of current events and grump about politicians. I really don’t have a particular party to side with, personally I think they are all patsies for the corporation and big money. Despite their beautiful and eloquent orations, they could really care less about you and I as a public as long as money keeps pouring into their coffers.

This is my downfall, my Achilles heel if you will. I keep allowing this devil of the political to distract me from my artistry. By the time I hear that exquisite siren song beckoning my return to my workbench, I feel so overwhelmed with ire and spite, I find myself in an almost hypnotic trance as I stare at the gemstones and wire. Even now, as I write about this mental block in hopes of jumpstarting my creative muse, I can hear the parasitical news in the background from the other room.

Some suggest music, but this turns out detrimental to some extent in the end as well. Having the music rather than the constant banter of reporters in my head helps in the design phase, although my style of music is not very conducive to the production phase.

Music blasting and designs in my head with the wire in my hands, I watch seemingly helpless from the outside, as my wire graveyard grows larger at each attempt. I find myself uttering the ridiculous phrase…“Oh, I wish I could … like ‘that person’.” I know this is not the truth though. If I could draw, paint, write, or create my jewelry like some other person, it would not be my own nor would I be happy with it in the end.

During a break, out of frustration I shut off the TV in the other room and return to my workbench. As I sit quietly to relax, I can hear a slight rain begin against the fire place chimney. Leave it to nature, it almost never fails. The rain becomes heavier and the room grows dimmer. Opening the blinds to watch the light storm, the winds begin to grow a bit more violent. Strangely enough, the stronger this late summer storm becomes, the more relaxed I find myself. I continue to observe as the young trees bend deeply in the strong winds and eureka!

Instead of fighting with my wire to form to my will, I decided to freeform it much like the young branches in the wind. I wrapped my wires in a flat form and laid it flowingly around the stone in an asymmetrical design without a plan. This is when the irony stacks upon itself…The name of the stone I chose from the beginning was a large piece of Snow Quartz, and I no more than finished wrapping the stone and the storm subsided to reveal a beautiful sunset this evening.

What a nice way to end the day. The parched earth received some much needed rain, I received some much needed calm and inspiration, and another beautiful piece of jewelry was completed. I’ll post the pic here and sell it to anyone that responds here in my blog contact page, or through my direct email within 48 hours for $20.00 USD. After which it will go up in the store for $30.00 USD.

Too many irons in the fire. Sale extended through til the end of this weekend.

Now for the technical aspects of this Pendant:
The Gemstone is Snow Quartz 18mm W x 25mm H x 8mm thick
The 1/4 troy oz. of Silver content is divided evenly
There is 1/8 troy oz. of Sterling Silver & 1/8 troy oz. .999 (fine) Silver


Pendant Chain sold separately


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