Remembering/Shedding tears/Offering prayers

Please take time to offer prayers for the fallen and the families who lost loved ones this day.

I like this image better than bings homepage

Empty Sky Memorial, Liberty State Park

This strikes on personal levels within the family. I remember this day as if it were now and tears still come to my eyes and my heart becomes heavy. My daughter was born this day in 1993 and while she was on her way to school in 2001, the first broadcasts hit the news.

I had just got my first cup of coffee and was on my way upstairs when I heard the news alert. Stunned, I paused to watch and listen. Details were sketchy at first, they were debating whether it was an accident and what kind of plane it was and so-forth. I continued to watch in horror as the second plane crashed into the WTC on live TV. The coffee cup slipped from my hand, crashed to the floor and my knees buckled. I remained knelt amidst broken glass and spilt coffee and wept while I prayed.

Some of the personal levels that are beyond immediate family I won’t go into here, I simply ask for prayers for the fallen and the families who lost loved ones. As far as immediate family it even impacted us as well…Not only does this happen to be our address, but throughout the rest of my daughters school days this plagued her since this happens to be her birthday. The other kids would razz her about being a bad omen and this caused issues within our house as well.

Be kind to one another & Have a Blessed Day…


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