Inspiration from unexpected places

Well it didn’t take me long to blow the “daily” blog thing. While I knew it would happen, I just didn’t expect it quite so soon or to last two or three days. I hit a minor burn out phase with the whole online aspect of the business and really felt the need to get back to something pertaining to the jewelry itself. So I hit the “books”…Plus I got interrupted with a real life issue or two (It’s a “Mom” thing and my kiddos come first).

I poured through countless designs online and off. Nothing just seemed right. The more I looked for inspiration the less I found. The desire to create something new was creating a bigger block than I thought it would be. It was when I took a break from “the hunt” one evening that I got what I was looking for. I got a bite to eat and looking around I spied a cowboy hat when it hit me.

The movie Urban Cowboy came out in the late 70’s and cowboy hat decoration became a rage. Although most are no longer as flamboyant with all the brightly colored sprays of pheasant feathers these days, I still see decorated cowboy hats and a few do still sport these brightly colored feathers. So I thought “Hat jewelry”.

With my concept formed, I had to figure out a simple way of implementing it. What simpler way than to just use memory wire I thought. I laid out a pattern and strung it on the memory wire. I was quite pleased with my simple creation, and then TRUE inspiration came to me like a bolt of lightning through the brain.

The feathers idea simply didn’t stay as wildly popular as they once were because of a practicality issue. They get dusty and are extremely difficult to clean. If the cleaning process doesn’t mangle the feathers, normal wear and tear will. Many cowboy hat decorations quickly find their way to the trash and aren’t replaced. Why would you? It’s just a big waste of money. My concept will eliminate this problem by adding the element of durability.

Past the original “Hat Jewelry” piece, I’m sorry to get your hopes up to see a finished product at this point, but I haven’t got this one totally off the drawing board YET. Still, I plan to incorporate the idea of the “spray” with Sterling Silver wire wrap around large pendant stones and lots of curly-Q’s.

Here is our first of the new Hat Jewelry line of products.


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