Herringbone Wire Wrap

Herringbone Wire Wrap 1 This is a pretty and simple weave and can easily be done over almost any kind of bead, forming a pointed oval shape. Note that the front is different than the back. This is caused by the regularity of the wrapping pattern lashing.
Herringbone Wire Wrap 2 Step 1: Create a simple wrapped bead using a medium gauge wire (for this example I used a 20 AWG wire, and a 16mm bead just to make it easier to see the detail).Make the wrap twice as long as what you would normally. I recommend 8 or 9 wraps per side…and try to make both sides identical unlike my example (I miscounted by 1). Count from where the wrap ends at the bead to eyelet in a straight line.
Herringbone Wire Wrap 3 Step 2: Attach a thinner wire next to the bead on one side by coiling twice. Be sure to leave a pigtail about 1 inch long. This gives you a way to anchor it with your thumb as you get the wrap started and will be trimmed in the next step. I used a 26 AWG wire for my Herringbone wrap about 30 inches long for this example, but you can use other gauges with good results.
Herringbone Wire Wrap 4 Step 3: Take the longer length of wire to the bottom eye and loop once. It’s important to always loop over the coils, and in the same direction to form the herringbone weave. Now trim the pigtail and tuck it out of sight as best you can gently with your needle nose pliers.
Herringbone Wire Wrap 5 Step 4: Take the wire to the top once more and wrap it over the base of the eye again. This will form ONE complete frame around the bead.
Herringbone Wire Wrap 6 Step 5: “Rinse and repeat” (steps 3 and 4), forming another frame around the bead. Repeat as many times as needed to form the pointed oval shape and you run out of room along the eyelet shafts.
Herringbone Wire Wrap 7 Step 6: After repeating about 3 or 4 times, the pointed oval shape and the herringbone pattern begins to present itself.
Herringbone Wire Wrap 8 Step 7: When you can no longer wrap, secure the wire at the base of one of the eyes by coiling twice. Trim very closely and tuck it out of sight as best you can gently with your needle nose pliers. This example shows the wire wrapped around the bead 7 times.
Herringbone Wire Wrap 9 Note how the wire is laid smoothly on the sides of the bead. This is done by taking care with the placement of the framing wire as you wrap.There is a really simple alternative wrap method, although you won’t achieve the Herringbone pattern.After making a single eyelet and placing your bead you simply fold your 20 AWG next to the bead. Bring the wire around to the top eyelet shaft and wrap once. Take the wire back down around the bead and back to the top to wrap the eyelet shaft once more. Repeat this 1 to 2 more times and end by coiling around the base of the eyelet.Now for the disclaimer: This design is not an original by me. This tutorial was not originally mine. I found it online for free. I edited the verbage AND the html so they both made WAY more sense. I made it much easier to print or save to a pdf. Although I have created earrings using both the designs mentioned herein, I failed to take pictures. That said, since these pictures do not show a completed piece of jewelry I have reused them only for the purposes of this free tutorial.

Enjoy being creative!


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