A.D.D. and the internet

This may be humorous to most people, even my husband, but it also happens to be his reality.

Keeping everyday life, as well as the online jewelry business in some kind of reasonable assemblance of order is tough enough for him. I can’t even imagine it. He say’s it’s like watching 10 movies at the same time, while on an exercise bike trying to keep track of the calorie burn count, and then toss in a plate spinning act on a high wire. Just his explanation makes me dizzy.

Now pile the internet on top of that and it’s a wonder he hasn’t flipped his lid. I look at his computer screen and I’m confused! He flips from one window to another and keeps all these things going kind of simultaneously. He may have a forum board or 2 open in seperate windows, a youtube video in one window, a profile generation in one window, a chess game in one window, facebook in one window WITH a chat going on, this blog in one window, and 2 or 3 other pages he’s found interesting…that are blinking and flashing all kinds of ads that he’s apt to click on at one point or another. And still holds conversation with me.

We did a free “writing” experiment recently. I told him to lay on the bed with no lights and audio record while he verbalized every thought for a short while and it could be put to transcript later. Below is that 5 minute transcript.

Chickens from outer space
I want a cigarette
My tree is dying
Need a regular job, witch on a bicycle
Politicians piss me off, I hate goats milk
Blog, forgot the email
Wanna build barefoot sandals, Cindy’s slave bracelet, Constable badge
Work with Mike
Truck needs help
My head hurts
I still want that cigarette
I hear music, we should go play pool
Tootsie roll owl, wish I had some Oreos
Blue, Can I be done now
How many cows fit in a convertible depends on how the butcher cuts’em up
That was a cool picture I saw today, I see spots
Too quiet I can hear my ears ringing
I feel stupid doing this, I need something to do
Good times up I’m done

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