Wire Wrap Woven Pendant

This should have been published hours ago, but I stayed awake into the wee hours then slept most of today. I apologize to those of you who have already seen this similar post elsewhere as I am trying to consolidate where I have to post to distribute content.

I tried out a “new to me” wire weaving technique some time back and posted this to facebook and google+ circles. Check out this beautiful Carnelian pendant and much much more at our online store.

Wire Wrap Woven Carnelian Teardrop Pendant

While this particular design was all me, I can’t say it was without inspirartion and a brilliant tutorial from nicole Hanna jewelry. I couldn’t wait to go to her website and thank her for both the inspiration from her beatiful work and the very detailed and easy to follow tutorial.

In response on August 17 she wrote: Thank you so much for such kind compliments! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed learning and trying new things. What you’ve made here is really beautiful (I’m a sucker for carnelian!). You wrapped this very elegantly.

In a folowing post Erin P. wrote : Which tutorial did you use? Beautiful piece!

Needless to say I was ecstatic to recieve such kudos for my first attempt at this technique.


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