The Marketers say to blog everyday

Ok, so I got my WordPress blog designed…finally. Although I’m still trying to wrap my head around this aspect of a daily blog. There is no way I have something jewelry related to blog about daily, at least I don’t think I do at this point. Those of you who know me can pretty much surmise that if it were political I probably could, but that’s not what this blog is supposed to be about.

I’ve seen other blogs that add content which has been collected or farmed from all around the web. This seems like a perfect option for me to gain daily content to my blog. There is only one teensy little problem with that at this point…I don’t know how. So I guess that will be my next project in this expedition, and if any reader would like to offer a suggestion or link for me to read I appreciate and welcome the input. Just leave me a note in the comment box below so others may benefit as well.

While content remains an issue for me, I still have to figure out the search engine process all over again. I think I did ok with the store itself, but I just kind of stumbled through that. So I’m back on the information hunt until next time…

Have Blessed Day
Argentic Moon

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